Let’s get Jason a big band gig at York Barbican… YOU CAN HELP!

May 19, 2015
Sharon Tenniswood

As his army of fans continues to grow ‘South of the Border’ as they say, i.e. south of the River Tyne (!!) we are starting a campaign to get Jason a BIG BAND date at York Barbican.

With the expense of a big band, coupled with the cost of hiring a theatre, this has proved impossible to achieve – until now. We are teaming up with Minster FM to launch a pledge-type campaign to sell enough advance tickets so we can pay for the concert – BEFORE IT IS BOOKED! All we need is YOU.

Jason will be performing his one-man show in La Vecchia Scuola in the shadows of York Minster on the last Tuesday of every month for the rest of the year. If we can sell enough tickets between now and December we will be able to bring our big band SWING FEVER show to the Barbican in early January.

We are relying on people power. It’s worked for politicians in the past so I’m sure it can work for us!

Keep posted for more information or for details on other ways you can help….

See you in The Barbican in 2016!!